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Badass women of the future:

  1. Malavath Poorna, the youngest person ever to reach Mount Everest’s summit at the age of 13 years, 11 months
  2. Ann Makosinksi, Canadian inventor of a flashlight powered strictly by body heat at age 16

  3. Mo’Ne Davis, first girl to throw a Little League World Series shutout in history, with fastballs reaching speeds of up to 70mph, at age 13

  4. Alia Sabur, youngest university professor in the world, appointed to Konkuk University in South Korea at age 18

  5. Asia Newson, owning and operating a candle sales business alongside her father, is Detroit’s youngest entrepreneur at age 10


As they say, “Monkey see, monkey fucking terrify.”

7 Creepy Plants That Shouldn’t Exist (Part 2)

#5. Monkey Orchids

Monkey orchids are found in the rainforests of Ecuador and Peru. For whatever reason, they’re also known as Dracula orchids, because whoever’s in charge of naming South American plants has never met a goddamn Dracula, apparently. Seriously, you saw a whole fleet of Imperial Shuttles with monkey faces and you thought “vampire”? You’re fucking fired, Arturo.

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